Activities at Hornbækhus

At Hornbækhus guests and locals meet all year around for shared experiences.

Here on the top of Sjælland we are located close to the sea and forrest habour and town.
Througout the seasons the Hotel offers a wide selections of activities. We can arrange yoga class for you, we have bikes for all our guests so you can enjoy a ride along the beautiful coast.
We knit, we do yoga and we offer collaboration with the local watersports company and can arrange trips for you to our neighbor towns.
We have small creative workshops that are visited by both grown ups and children. Everyone is welcome to join us.
Enjoy our surroundings by taking a dip in the ocean and return to enjoy the atmosphere of our Hotel.
Take a stroll around town, harbour and our famous beach. The Danish word “hygge” means a lot of things.

For us “Hygge” is inviting you to dine with us every evening from 18-20 pm we serve food at our long tabels and engage in conversation.
Hygge is also staying in our big living room cuddled up with blankets a lit fireplace enjoying a quiet moment for yourself or your company with our homebaked cakes and fresh coffee. Every sunday we offer a variety of homebaked cakes, so please bring your appetite along.
We believe that the most valuable thing we can do is spend time together, engaging in activities.
We wish that you meet our staff, the locals, hear the stories about our place and small old fishing town and make your own memories to bring home.
Let us know what we can do to make your stay full of “Hygge”

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