Menu of the week

At Hornbækhus we serve family style dinner every evening at 6pm.
Make sure to arrive latest at 5.45pm. The cost is 150 DKK for a meal. Children up to three years can join the dinner for free. Dessert and coffee can be added after the meal.

We are adding the finishing touches to our webshop. Until then you can make reservations using the form on this site or by calling us on +45 4970 0169. If you are prevented from showing up we would be happy to receive notice.



Cheese tacos with chicken, avocado, sour cream, green salad and dressing



Salmon in lime, coriander, coconut sauce, sesame fried cabbage, basmati rice, crispy Jerusalem artichoke



Burger, tripple fried fries and chili mayo, salad with goat cheese



Slow cooked lamb chop with potatoes, corn rosti, grilled romaine salad with rosemary and parmesan dressing



Veal roasted with fresh herbs and ginger, saffron risotto, apple chutney, red wine sauce



Deep fried “brandade” of cod & dill, oven baked potatoes with tomato, coriander, orange, tabasco sauce, yogurt and mint dressing



Veal “Spezzatino” with mushroom a la creme, potato & parsnip gratin, grilled pepper

The food at Hornbækhus

Want to eat together? 

At Hornbækhus we want our guests to meet over a great meal, pass each other the potatoes and start talking. That is why we host shared dinners every night of the year.
The menu is reflected by the season, and the style of cooking is simple focusing on quality ingredients.

During dinner we all sit by the long wooden tables in the dining room, and the menu of the evening is served on large platters. We help each other at the table and make sure that everyone has what they need.

Practical Information and Prices

The shared dinner starts every night at 6pm and costs 150 DKK.
Dessert can be added for 50 DKK. Call us in advance if you want to be guaranteed a place and make sure to arrive in time. 

We serve breakfast plates from 8am to 10am every morning.

Lunch is served every day between 12 and 3pm

Sunday Cakes

Every Sunday from 2pm – 4pm Hornbækhus invites you to a lovely cake table. The cakes are made by one of our local friends Irene. Just like she has made them for her five children. The selection changes each week. 

Every day of the week it is possible to drop by in the hotel opening hours for a cup or a glass in the fireplace lounge or in the garden.